I start this blog apprehensively. I’ve heard that the best place to share is in “safe spaces” and my hunch is that the blogosphere ranks near the bottom of that list (Twitter probably being rock bottom). As an external processor, though, I have a fierce desire to experience the beauty and burdens of life “out loud” instead of being trapped in my own mind.

I considered journaling for a while, but felt the need for something more since there’s no element of community there. Cue blog launch. It’s not my ideal way to process life and connect with people, but considering the season of life I’m in, it’ll have to do for right now.

My goal is one blog post per week. I love to write, but am still discovering my “voice”, so I anticipate my writing will evolve over time.

Well, there ya go. My fist blog post. Was that enough vulnerability for one day? I think so (*whew*).