Study Time

One thing homeschooling taught me was to love learning — really. I followed my dad around every day while he worked on farm equipment, cared for livestock, and grew vegetables. He showed me how everything in life is connected and can be fascinating to learn about. He always told me his goal was to teach us how to live and not just how to earn a living. Whether a person homeschools or not, I think that mindset can be instilled in the next generation.

Take my morning for example: I’ve started studying about Veterinary care for large/small animals (fascinating stuff!) and am currently studying parasites (yuck!). Anyway, I recruited one of my daughters to help me study. After quizzing me on my parasite flash cards, she asked, “Okay, Mom. When is your test?” I replied, “Oh, there is no test — I’m just learning because I’m interested.” “Ah” she said, “Well, now you have a test. It’s this Friday. Be ready.”

Not only have I instilled a love for learning in my kids, I’ve apparently instilled in them a love for RETAINING what is learned. It’s going to be my first test in, like, 20 years. Wish me luck, y’all. I’ve got a very demanding teacher.